The Sorrows Of a candle

What inspired me to write ? I still don’t know but I do know that whatever I write , I write deep from my heart,

As my wick starts burnings I begin to melt
I am not sad because
I know that someone
needs my help, till
I shed my last drop of tear
I know that i'm walking towards my end
But I am thankful to God
for giving me such a life,
because I can dispel
the darkness and shine brightly
But one thing still hurts me
I cannot shine brightly
in man's heart.
I cannot overcome the darkness of his mind,
In my last moment, I have only one prayer,
Oh! God save his heart
which is plunged in darkness.


About vineethkartha

Hi, I am Vineeth Kartha, I hold a Masters degree in Embedded Systems from BITS Pilani, Goa Campus. I currently work as a Software Developer. I am A free software promoter and electronics hobbyist. In my free time I do a little bit of birding and Wildlife photography. I love travelling, reading and blogging.

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