The Divine Tragedy

According to the Hindu belief, When we lead a good life we reach heaven and we are given a place beside God( Moksha) but depending on our bad deeds we will be rebirth, ‘We will have to face the consequence of our each and every action’, Newton stated this scientifically as ‘For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’. Maybe I committed a big mistake in my last birth, maybe I killed someone, whatever it is, I know it was something serious otherwise, why would I end up in an engineering college, where students are taught to mug up things, where the brain is killed and where credit goes to the best parrot and where students’ ideas and hardwork are flushed down the drain( because some TEACHERS wanted to enjoy ONAM and other such holidays). Where the meaning of the word ‘ELECTIVE’ is uprooted. Where there is no cooperation among students, in brief WHY AM I IN HELL.

When school life ended I learned ‘true love  happens not  once, but every time you see a beautiful girl.’ And by the end of college life i’ve learned that there is no such thing as a ‘fair game’ There is only a winner and a looser, there is no such thing as a fair player, so all you have to do is stick in there do all you can and just get to the top. This world is a dirty place don’t expect to come up clean otherwise the world would have ended if every soul came out clean.


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