555 IC based Touch Alarm

Security has been a major issue in the present day world. And security gadgets of various nature are available today. Here I introduce a simple touch alarm that can be used on doors with metallic handles (This alarm works only on metallic handles) . This is a simple and easy to make circuit. Circuit Diagram… Continue reading 555 IC based Touch Alarm

Compiling a Linux Kernel

The advantage of linux is that we can choose what our system needs and thereby improve its efficiency. Compiling the kernel has its own advantages though it is a time consuming process.A  new Linux user may find it difficult to compile Linux kernel. This tutorial contains the process to compile Linux kernel version 3.0.3 under… Continue reading Compiling a Linux Kernel

A Peek Into the Sky

The quest for mans' knowledge about the universe started since he became a rational animal.Ancient civilisations made use of astronomical observations in prediciting seasons, The first observatory perhaps might be the stonehenge situated in UK. It is believed to have been used for marking sunrise and sunset and also the moonrise and moon set. MYTHS… Continue reading A Peek Into the Sky

An alarm to remind you to water Plants

This is a circuit that will remind you to water plants when the pot is dry, this circuit is mainly meant for the indoor plants that are the unfortunate ones that don't even receive rainfall. The Circuit consist of two probes( You can use nails or just strips of uninsulated wires) When the probes are… Continue reading An alarm to remind you to water Plants

Automounting A partition in Ubuntu

Certain times we may have a hard disk that has several partitions and of which only one is related to the Installed ubuntu OS. The remaining partitions have to be mounted each time you start your computer. I had faced such a situation where my music files and all other documents where on a separate… Continue reading Automounting A partition in Ubuntu

If you could go back in time and relive one day of your life, which would you choose?

Hmmmm..... a very confusing topic............Still when I look back my school days were my best days. And to choose one day among them would be unfair because all were the best so rather I should wish to relive 6-7 years of my life. But now for the sake of this post I would like to… Continue reading If you could go back in time and relive one day of your life, which would you choose?

Your Chance to be a Hero this Independence day

Everyone wants to be a hero, everyone has fantasized about saving the planet  and thats why super hero comics have always inspired us. Now you have a Golden Opportunity to save the planet, to be a super hero-To SAVE THE PLANET. We all know mother Earth is the place we've got, and its our only… Continue reading Your Chance to be a Hero this Independence day

A C Program to Find Convolution of Two Signals

The convolution of ƒ and g is written ƒ∗g, using an asterisk or star. It is defined as the integral of the product of the two functions after one is reversed and shifted. As such, it is a particular kind of integral transform:       (commutativity) While the symbol t is used above, it… Continue reading A C Program to Find Convolution of Two Signals