Your Chance to be a Hero this Independence day

Everyone wants to be a hero, everyone has fantasized about saving the planet  and thats why super hero comics have always inspired us. Now you have a Golden Opportunity to save the planet, to be a super hero-To SAVE THE PLANET.

We all know mother Earth is the place we’ve got, and its our only home, but we have all forgotten the fact and we have ruined it, well things still can be brought under control if we act now, and lets start by reducing the use of plastics, we may not be able to ban it completely. But there are things that we can do and everyone knows how bad plastics can be, in certain places there are rules in the usage  of plastics, hats off to the people and Governments of those areas for the rest of us, on this Independence day lets Give our country a new face by reducing plastics, Lets take a resolution that:

  • A plastic bag is also reusable. It does not necessarily have to be thrown away after a
  • single use. Try to use each plastic bag for as long as possible. This will help reduce the
  • number of plastic bags in circulation.
  • Take your own bag to all stores you shop in and say “no bag needed, thanks!”
  • Try not to buy convenience foods packages in plastic
  • Take your own containers to restaurants for buying parcels
  • When ordering drinks, say “no straw please!”
  • Put empty cardboard boxes in your car to transport heavy items to and from your car without a bag.
  • Use paper cups for functions and tea shops

USE REUSE AND RECYCLE Let that be our principle.


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