An Electronic Dice

The circuit is one among the few which actually worked for me, The electronic dice is a circuit that lights X number of LEDs where X varies from 1-6 like in a normal dice, the Circuit can also be improvised to make a number guessing game.

The main part of the circuit is the IC 4071 which is a decade/divider counter (datasheet).

Parts Required

Resistors -10k x 3


-330 x 3

Capacitor- 0.01uf

Diodes -1N4148 x 6

LEDS – 7

IC 4071


Push switch,

9V battery

In this circuit the 555 timer Ic is setup as a astable multivibrator with approx 5khz frequency and that clock pulse is given to the decade counter, that is set to count till 5 and reset.

The Leds are arranged that only a particular number of LEDs are lighted , the logic can also be implemented using Gates, but here to reduce cost and complexity the easisest method of wirirng certain pins to certain LEDs are adopted.

When the Push switch is pressed clock pulse reaches the IC4071 and it cycles throught the allowed states and when we release the button it stops at a number.


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