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A CGPA calculator for Kerala University Btech(2008 Scheme)

This C program calculate the CGPA if the GPAs of each semseter is Entered. Compile and run this program. This caclculator is based on Jerala University Btech 2008 scheme. This program was done for pure fun, I had a php version but as I formated my system lost it.

/** By Vineeth Kartha released under GPL**/
int main()
  float gpa[8],cgpa=0,intgpa=0;
  int crd12=58,crd=29,crdtot=0;;
  int sem;
  int i;
  printf("Enter number of semsters till which CGPA is to be calculated :  ");
      printf("Please Enter valid number of  semesters(1-8)");
      printf("Enter the GPA of S12:  ");
      gpa[1]=0;//since S12 mark is taken twice.
      printf("Enter the GPA of S%d:  ",i);
  printf("\n The CGPA till Semster %d is   %0.2f\n",sem,cgpa);
  return 0;

A tribute To teachers

In both western and eastern cultures there has always been a respectable position for teachers.The ancient greeks,romans, persians , Indians all have stories of great teachers. The sanskrit word Guru means the one who removes darkness. Teachers are always seen as the torch bearers, the ones who show the path. According to the Indian culture teachers are seen as incarnations of God, they are treated as gods.Teaching is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world a proffession that only the brave and selfless people can do. A proffession that requires dedication and talent. A teacher’s success comes not when he is great but when his students become great. The average teacher explains complexity,the gifted teacher reveals  simplicity.

I have had many great teachers, teachers who inspired me to think big, teachers who taught me the moral values people who taught me to hold on to those values no matter what happens. Teachers who made me what I am now and who will keep inspiring me till my last breathe. I still remember the day our English teacher said “Trifles make perfection, but perfection    is no trifle”.

Teaching has always been my dream job, more than a profession I believe it is a service, to God and humanity. The world’s progress depends on teachers, It is the teachers who have created scientists, doctors , engineers artists, authors etc . Teaching is the only profession where you can be sure that you will not fail. A teacher plays a major role in shaping the society, a disciplined youth is the strength of every nation and, teachers play the major role in preparing the youth. A good teacher has to be dedicated to what he is doing he should be careful not to spread wrong ideas. The youth can be influenced easily, so it is important that only the right things are taught.

On this teacher’s day I thank all my teachers for all there support and guidance, I also apologize to all my teachers whom I have hurt knowingly or unknowingly. Happy Teacher’s day.

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