This is based on the study conducted by me for the Btech Seminar the Seminar presentation can be downloaded from here In our conventional electronic devices charge of electron used to achieve functionalities and also semi conducting materials for logical operation and magnetic materials for storage, but spintronics manipulates the electron spin and resulting magnetic… Continue reading SPINTRONICS


About 27 years back in 1984 at the AI lab of MIT a hacker Richard Mathew Stallman frustrated by the commercialization of the then popular operating system unix and rise of proprietary softwares set out to launch a revolution that was about to change the Software industry. A revolution that would liberate programmers to think… Continue reading FOSS: THE REVOLUTION OF THE DIGITAL AGE

Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent machines has always been a topic of interest for man.The greek story of Pygmallion who fell in love with a sculpture he created which was later turned to a human by the gods.The golden robots of Hephaestus, the story of Frankeinstein, all show people dreamed about creating intelligent forms. In the 19th century with… Continue reading Artificial Intelligence