An Engineer’s Hobby

After four years of my Btech life and the numerous electronics projects I did, I found my room overwhelming with broken components and fried up chips, all adding to the great e-waste. I had many ICs including a Pentium 4 processor some micro controller chips and even a DDR RAM. I felt like my room was a junkyard. My DDR RAM was in working condition so I tried to sell it to some of my friends and it is then that I realized that no one right now has a motherboard supporting the DDR. All have been upgraded to DDR2 and DDR3. It was then that i thought of “collecting electronic parts”, who knows the components that I have now may go out of production as newer technologies are invented, and this will also help in educating myself more about each component. I searched the Internet and i was disappointed not to find anything related to it. So maybe a new hobby was being invented. First I started by sticking the components on to a notebook and writing down its details just like a scrap book but soon I found out that it was not a practical solution as bigger components would not go into the book. Then I decided on Putting the components in resealable plastic covers and labeling them and I could keep a catalog on each component I have and collect useful information about it and write it down in a book.

P4 Chip and a Microcontroller
P4 Chip and a Microcontroller

If any of my readers have suggestions about such a collection or if you know anyone doing such a thing please let me know. Because I would really like to do this in a good way. This is my small way of saving the world from e waste because if anyone else gets inspired by my blog they too will start collecting electronic items instead of just dumping them. Please don’t forget to give m your valuable suggestions. Making art out of electronics can be another way, I once tried my hand at that and here is something I made.



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