Electrical Energy- A Modern Wonder

If someone asks you to list out some of the most important inventions that revolutionized the world, you may say, radio, computers, electricity, steam engine etc. The list of inventions is just countless and we cannot pick out the “best” because all are equally important.

But if someone asked me that question I would say electricity, not just because I am an electrical engineer, but because I believe its one of the most marvelous discoveries made by man a reason that made me choose the subject for Engineering.

Electricity changed the face of the earth it change the way everything works. It brought about a revolution in all spheres of technology.

As such electrical energy is something to be treated with respect and to be used judiciously. Energy Conservation is a hot topic nowadays.

So I just thought I will share some tips I have learned through out my engineering course.

The major step towards saving our electricity bill and thereby to save energy is to design a proper wiring system in our houses.

There is a trend nowadays to have power plugs every where necessarily and unnecessarily. And that increases the power demand of the house from the view-point of the supplier and you are likely to be charged for a three-phase supply. And in reality you may not even be using.

In India three-phase supply is given to consumers with a load more than 5KW.

The table below shows the some of the electric loads and there values. So you can now calculate the total load of your house and see how many unnecessary points you have.

Equipments Load in Kw
Light Points 60W
Fan points 100 W
Plug Socket (5A) 100 W
Power Plugs( 15 A) 1000 W
Exhaust fans 100 W

Ensure that you do house wiring by an expert because faulty wiring can cause wastage of current and thereby increase your electricity bills.

Now for those who cannot do anything about the number of points, there are some simple techniques to save energy. first and foremost switch to energy-efficient lamps. Change all the incandescent lamps as this will not only improve lighting but also the temperature within your room. I believe everyone has switched onto to CFL nowadays. I have never see any incandescent lamps recently.

The most important step is to turn off any equipment big or small that is not in use. Avoid unnecessary usage of electricity. Open windows whenever possible at daytime and reduce the use of lights and fans.

There is a tendency for us to leave remote controlled devices like the TV plugged on and switched off with the remote. Even when the TV is switched of by remote it consume around 10W of energy. Now if you leave it like that for 100 hours you will be utilizing 1 unit of energy( 1 Kwh).

Try to buy equipments with the 5 star energy efficiency ratings. The more number of stars the more energy you save.

So please use energy efficiently and effectively.


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