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R.K. Narayan: A writer who portrayed The true Soul of South India

I am not a great critic, I am not a critic at all for that matter of fact, but I have always felt a special liking for Rasipuram Krishnaswami Iyer Narayanaswami or in short R.K. Narayan’s stories. I have read only some of his works, but whenever I find a R.K. Narayan book I never miss it even if its during the exams. The first time I read an R.K story was from my English text in school.

It was the story of the famous boy character  ‘swami’. I felt like he was writing a common south Indian boys story and the most interesting part was that I could associate certain incidences of that story with my real life. Then I went on and read ‘The Financial Expert’ , ‘The Man eater of Malgudi’, ‘The Malgudi Days’ and many other short stories in all of them I could find characters that resembled people in my neighborhood and relatives, I am sure every south Indian reading his book must have felt the same, I don’t think there has been any other writer who could have portrayed south Indian life style in such depth and detail and yet the stories remain simple. And it this one reason that made R.K. Narayan my favorite writer. Narayan has said in an Interview

I must be absolutely certain about the psychology of the character I am writing about, and I must be equally sure of the background. I know the Tamil and Kannada speaking people most. I know their background. I know how their minds work and almost as if it is happening to me, I know exactly what will happen to them in certain circumstances. And I know how they will react.

And maybe this is the reason why feel all his stories as a incidences from our life. many times I have searched the map for a city called Malgudi It never seems a fictitious place, such is the detail that he has given about the place.

Narayan himself speaks of Malgudi as such,

Malgudi was an earth-shaking discovery for me, because I had no mind for facts and things like that, which would be necessary in writing about Malgudi or any real place. I first pictured not my town but just the railway station, which was a small platform with a banyan tree, a station master, and two trains a day, one coming and one going. On Vijayadasami I sat down and wrote the first sentence about my town: The train had just arrived in Malgudi Station.

Some say Malgudi resemble Coimbatore anyway you can learn more about such details from this link .

If you want a feel of South India I suggest you read any of the novels or short stories by R.K. Narayan and I’m sure you will definitely get a feel of South India. As Graham Greene said

Whom next shall I meet in Malgudi? That is the thought that comes to me when I close a novel of Mr Narayan’s. I do not wait for another novel. I wait to go out of my door into those loved and shabby streets and see with excitement and a certainty of pleasure a stranger approaching, past the bank, the cinema, the hair cutting saloon, a stranger who will greet me I know with some unexpected and revealing phrase that will open a door on to yet another human existence.

Glass Painting

With my B.Tech exams over and plenty of time with nothing to do made me to venture into a field that I believed  was unreachable for me, “Painting”. Well for someone like me with a very bad artistic sense and a very bad handwriting I found that there is a field of painting known as glass painting that I could try out. Well to be frank I never thought I would love doing anything other than electronics and programming, it was quite a surprise for me realizing that I have finally put down my soldering iron and have taken the painting brush. Glass Painting is an easy to start hobby, I am not an expert in this field but let me share with you what I did, It may serve as an idea for the many bored people out there, after all

You never know what you are good or bad at, without trying it out.

Glass painting as an art form is a combination of both folk and fine arts and since middle age it was used for sacral painting. Later spread its root to Italy and influenced its Renaissance art. In the mid of 18th century it became favored by churches and spread to entire central Europe and in 19th century it became a main folk art in Austria, Bavaria, Moravia and Slovakia.  In India, Glass painting took birth in the state of Gujarat (around eighteenth century). As a subjective art Glass painting came into picture in India when Chinese artists settle down near coastal region of Gujarat state. There is no decisive acquaintance about the foundation of Glass Painting in world, but some assumption are made that may be Egypt or Byzantium has introduce Glass painting technique in 4th century A.D. France, England, Germany (14th century), Italy (16th century) were the next places where the Glass Painting art enormously flourished. Glass painting is one of the best options one can opt to transform their lifeless wall with a work of genius.

So let me tell you what I did

Step 1:

First take a picture or pattern you like to paint.

Step 2:

Take a glass piece of required size ( I used acrylic sheets as they are easier to handle) . Thoroughly clean the glass surface with soap water or use thinner for cleaning. Use cotton or clean cotton cloth for cleaning. Make sure that glass surface is always clean clear and dry before starting the painting process.

Step 3:

Place the glass piece over a flat surface table. Put the proposed glass painting pattern underneath the glass piece and ensure that it does not  move.

Step 4:

Now time to start your process of outlining I used a pointed tip marker pen to trace the pattern to the glass. While making outline you must be very careful because your outlines should be thin, clear and precise with out scratches and cuts.

Step 5:

Once outlining is over, its time to color the design now the important thing to remember here is that a glass painting is viewed from the reverse side, so while painting make sure the details are done first. Always remember that you are painting will be viewed from reverse direction.

Step 6:

When the drying process is over and the paint get completely dried you can  frame the painted glass . This link will guide you in the right path.

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