The Best roller Coasters In the World: The Mumbai trains

It has been almost a month since I landed in Mumbai, and I was wondering where I should start blogging, Should I start from the Gate way of India, or the Elephanta caves, Or should it be about the vada pavs and the ‘Bademiya’. But I think the first topic I should blog about is the Mumbai sub urban trains. For a person like me who is from a less congested part of the country, where we rely on road transport more than railways , where trains appear on platforms only once in two or three hours, the Mumbai trains where a surprise, The first day on boarding a train from thane to dombivilli, I felt ‘OK this is not as bad as I thought it would  be’ , but just as the train reached the next station , I was literally swept of my feet by the sudden inrush of , what seemed to be the whole of Mumbai Population. The very next week the travel to regions like Kurla made me tough enough to handle almost any situation the world can throw at me, My dear readers might feel I am exaggerating, but those who have traveled in Mumbai Sub urban trains will know that I have not even said halfof the  story. Thanks to apps like M-Indicator, we soon got hold of the train timings and about stations and then only we realized the way Mumbai sub-urban railways serve as the veins of the great city of Mumbai. So guys when you are in Mumbai try not to miss a ride in the Mumbai trains because, sometimes it is more thrilling and daring than any roller coaster in this world.


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