The man With the Mean Machine

I will never Forget 16th September 2012 because it was on this day that I saw a Formula one car right in front of my eyes, it was the day when i understood what driving really means. It was the day I saw Lewis Hamilton perform at the Bandra-Kurla Complex. We started from our hotel in the evening unsure about the timings of the show. The only thing we knew was ‘Lewis Hamilton is in town.’ We took the roller coaster ride to Bandra (refer my previous post and you will know what I meant by that statement). None of us knew the timings or whether the entry was free and in between one of my friend said there is a free pas for Vodafone customers, but others have to pay, anyways we set forth deciding to check it out no matter what. Our troubles where not over we still had to walk from Bandra railway station all the way to Kurla because that is where the whole thing was happening and we walked almost like 3-4Km. Now let me be honest initially I was not as thrilled as my friends because I knew nothing about Formula one racing, I was really frustrated by this long walk, but still I went on, but had I not gone I would have really missed this great performance. And finally pushing and pulling in the crowd we saw the fastest man on the planet ‘drive his car’. The deafening sound of the f1 car. The cheering from the crowd were all inspiring in a way.

I was lucky enough that Lewis Hamilton came to Mumbai when I was in Mumbai




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