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The Day The City of Mumbai came to a standstill

November 18th, Early in the Morning I was at the Chathrapati Sivaji International Airport, Back from my vacation trip to Kenya. As I was waiting for my Luggage I heard a security guy talking to a passenger about the death of Bal Thackeray, the Siv Sena leader, and that there was a strike all over Mumbai. I still had hopes on the prepaid taxi services and because I had learned from many people that Mumbai always keeps moving no matter what happens. Even during the Terrorist attack at Taj and CST, Mumbai kept its pace. But today was a different day Mumbai was like a ghost town, no one was to be seen on the streets, shops closed down, even the ATM counters where closed down. The city was calm and quite, but still it was a weird seeing the city without life. ( I should also comment here that the taxi guy charged me Rs. 4000 for a trip that would normally cost Rs. 600)

A Platform for those who wish to learn

It was very recently that I came to know about and the type of courses it offers. I was really amazed to know that the most reputed universities in the world are offering free courses in a wide range of topics. Within the first few days I got addicted to the courses and I believe I am learning even m,ore than what I learned in college. Hope you too will have fun. Happy Learning 🙂

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