Monthly Archives: March 2013

Women’s Day

India is a country where women were once treated with dignity. The numerous goddesses in Indian mythology are examples to the fact that ancient Indians considered womanhood as a very important aspect of any civilization or culture.
But the recent incidents that have been happening in the country is disturbing and a disgrace to this beautiful civilization of ours. Mere words are just not enough anymore time has come to for the society to turn back and introspect our attitude towards women, when I say society it includes women too. Men alone cannot be blamed for the injustices happening around us. It is also a matter of how mothers educate their daughters to be bold and to stand against injustice at the same time it is a matter of men learning the fact that women too play an important part in the society and they just can’t be ignored like that.
So what can be done? I feel the solution is very simple, just treat them as equal and let them have their share of say in the society in family matters and let them have their personal life too. I wish everyone a  happy Women’s day and lets still hope that the world will be a better place infuture for women.

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