Thats How We C

Two and a half years back, while I was still In college that I got this idea to write a book on Programming. By then I had spent almost 4 years learning and coding a couple of programming languages. I knew I was not an expert in the field, but I also knew that I could help a few who were struggling in programming. The very next semester had a course on C programming and I knew most of my classmates would need help, so I set out on this new venture to bring out text that will help people with no background in programming to understand what C programming is all about. It can never be considered as a replacement to any of the great books out there but still, I knew that It might help someone. So after almost six months of work I was able to have a printed copy of “Thats How We C”, I sold 25 copies of the book to my classmates at no profit, I charged them with the printing cost only.
I hope many more will find this useful and if you do please do let me know, because it will be an encouragement for me to write my next book.
Also please do give me any feedback that you might have.
You can download the book from here


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