Better Late than Never !!

Happy New Year Dear Readers,

I know that its a bit too late to wish a new year, but still its better late than never. I would like to thank all my readers and friends who have inspired me to write. I have been receiving comments about my blog and my articles through out the year. My facebook page has also gained a bit of activity. Towards the end of 2013 I do agree that I was unable to provide my readers with enough content, But I will try to make up for that in 2014.

My life also has changed over the last year. From corporate world I’m back to college life. Made new friends,

As the song goes

It takes every kind of people

To make what life’s about,

yeah Every kind of people

To make the world go ’round.

In the last year I have diverted my concentration to device driver development, and my dear readers can expect a few Blog posts on that, in the coming months.

Once again thank you all for reading and stay tuned 🙂


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