Creating a Application Launcher in Ubuntu 14.04

Dear Readers,

I am back with a very small ubuntu tip after quite sometime. This is not something that is really new and there are many sources out there that explain how to create application launchers in Ubuntu. I needed this to create a launcher for Aptana Studio.

So I thought I will write down these steps here so that others in need can find it and also it will serve as a future reference to me.

Open a terminal and navigate to your home folder and then

cd  /.local/share/applications

In this particular folder create a file called yourapplicationname.desktop

And in this particular file add the following content.

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Name of Application
Comment= a short description
Exec=absolutepath of application
Icon=path of icon image

Save this file and search for your application in unity and there you have your launcher.


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