Copy Paste Syndrome

Recently I attended a workshop on business writings and I was amazed at the lack of knowledge many of us faced while writing a simple formal letter. It made me think why is it so? There was a time when I used to write letters in school exams, but then what happened now. It is … More Copy Paste Syndrome

I am Friday

Some say i’m unlucky, A few feel i’m the day for the dead, But still most, love me, Because my name is Friday. Its true that the dead arise, Those burried in coffins of work, Friday nights turn wild, When everyone is free from chains. I’m like the summer showers, That gives a relief. Though … More I am Friday

R.K. Narayan: A writer who portrayed The true Soul of South India

I am not a great critic, I am not a critic at all for that matter of fact, but I have always felt a special liking for Rasipuram Krishnaswami Iyer Narayanaswami or in short R.K. Narayan’s stories. I have read only some of his works, but whenever I find a R.K. Narayan book I never … More R.K. Narayan: A writer who portrayed The true Soul of South India

Glass Painting

With my B.Tech exams over and plenty of time with nothing to do made me to venture into a field that I believed¬† was unreachable for me, “Painting”. Well for someone like me with a very bad artistic sense and a very bad handwriting I found that there is a field of painting known as … More Glass Painting