Rtags completes Emacs

This post is a description of how to setup Rtags on Emacs.  The internet is has quite a few resources about Rtags' setup, but despite that I had to go over several of them to get things up and running for me. Rtags is ideally meant to work for C++ projects that use CMake build… Continue reading Rtags completes Emacs

Calling a function On termination of main() in C

Dear readers, A friend of mine taught me this new "trick" where you can call a function when the main() in C exits. In the Library "stdlib.h" there exists a function int atexit(void (*func)(void)) the "func" is any function without any arguments. The atexit() calls the function that you register as soon as the main()… Continue reading Calling a function On termination of main() in C

Thats How We C

Two and a half years back, while I was still In college that I got this idea to write a book on Programming. By then I had spent almost 4 years learning and coding a couple of programming languages. I knew I was not an expert in the field, but I also knew that I… Continue reading Thats How We C

A CGPA calculator for Kerala University Btech(2008 Scheme)

This C program calculate the CGPA if the GPAs of each semseter is Entered. Compile and run this program. This caclculator is based on Jerala University Btech 2008 scheme. This program was done for pure fun, I had a php version but as I formated my system lost it. /** By Vineeth Kartha released under… Continue reading A CGPA calculator for Kerala University Btech(2008 Scheme)